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This is a life-size pre-cast clay sculpture of a naked fat woman. The model is Julie Srika. The sculptor is Ramon Sierra. I think it’s beautiful and important. Breathtaking, even. Two days ago I shared it on Facebook, with the permission of both the model and the artist. Many people responded to it as I did. Facebook then deleted the thread and removed the photo from the model’s account, citing it as being in violation of their “community standards.” Appeals to Facebook have yet to be answered.
I think this is a disturbing anti-art stance, particularly vexing, considering Facebook allows far more sexually suggestive photos and sanctions pages designed to promote bigotry and bullying. Yet an amazing piece of art depicting a fat woman in proud non-sexual repose must go.
So while this is not the traditional fare for Uppity Fatty, I’m posting it here so more people can see it without the small-minded interference of Facebook’s double-standards.
~ Substantia Jones

UPDATE ON CLAYGATE: I don’t know if this represents a caving on the part of Facebook, or merely an oversight, and I certainly don’t know if it’s an “our voices were heard, hizzah!” thing, but the model depicted in the sculpture has just tried reposting the image to her account for a third time, and this time it wasn’t taken down. So for now… a provisional hizzah! And thanks for getting cheesed off with me!

Sophia and a Sphinx


Anita Ekberg in Back from Eternity (1956)


Aya Jones @ Nina Ricci Spring 2015


"it’s like i’m living la vida without the loca"

- my dad when my mom said we weren’t having pizza  (via fusels)

(Source: pemsylvania, via fusels)